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The Joia team has worked all over the world. We have been involved in all areas of manufacturing operational activities, including corporate acquisitions and divestitures, turn arounds, shop floor and functional workflow enhancements, and systems implementations and integrations.


Our team is comprised of professionals with cross functional skills in manufacturing and assemblies, tooling, engineering, budgeting, P&L, customer and supplier relations, supply chain,  quality, parts sequencing, lean manufacturing, and information and manufacturing systems. We have worked internationally and are adaptable to different cultures and business practices.

Real Time. Real Results.

What makes a best-in-class consultant—and what makes us different from other consultants in your area? We provide solutions customized to your business needs with the flexibility that comes from working with all operational and functional areas of manufacturing. We provide in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry that also offer proven methodologies in strategy, operations, financial performance and maintaining customers for life.

Whether you need to stabilize your current operations, institute policies and procedures, create processes, or develop a growth strategy for the future, we can guide you through it all.



You Want More Success

To be successful in any industry and dominate in your space, businesses must embrace change. That doesn’t mean that what you’ve done for so long is wrong or bad. However, without interrupting what you do now and incorporating a fresh look at your operations, people, and technology, you’ll never grow beyond where you are now or overcome key challenges.

Changing your business can be scary—but change is a good thing if you want to achieve continuous improvement.  Joia Performance Management works with your team and helps stimulate change.

Being Your Best Requires Change

Becoming the best manufacturing operator you can be probably sounds exciting—until you realize that you must lead the way for change for your company, but you don’t have to do it alone! Bringing in an experienced manufacturing consulting to review your business and provide you with an unbiased view of your world, not only brings forward a host of “WHYs”, but also tables industry best practice responses to compliment your current processes.

Here’s how we build a sustainable 30-Day Plan to achieve your best!

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